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Tp>Does the on-line shopping would leak my personal information?

  • Register the account-open is safe:For serving for you accurately, please must while register fill in your true information, we will keep secret strictly, have not yet you agree, we will not reveal the one of your information toward third party and purchase the record.
  •  Payment is safe:The net that we use pays the terrace up, is to be provide by the bank and related and financial section of, very safe and dependable.
  • In addition to we for the safe measure that you adopt, we suggest that you can do is as follows the further protection of measure:

a. Your relevant password of appropriate preservation;

b. Under the condition of public situation or others is present, input your any of personal data should be careful specially;Leave the computer should close all browser window ways;Leave with long hours should close the computer;

c. If what you use is personal computer, pleasing the screen saver function that the usage encrypt the code;

d. Periodical usage new the version kills the poisonous software to tidy up the virus.